Pyrolysis of Polypropylene (PP) Into Liquid Fuel Using CaO Catalyst

  • Muhammad Nur Alam Chemistry Departement, University of Cokroaminoto Palopo
  • Charisma Charisma Chemistry Departement, University of Cokroaminoto Palopo
  • Suaedi Suaedi Agribusiness Department, University of Cokroaminoto Palopo
Keywords: Pyrolysis, Polypropylene, Catalyst, CaO


Pyrolysis has been performed on Polypropylene thermoplastic compounds to produce liquid fuel using CaO catalyst. The pyrolysis process takes place at a temperature of 480 oC with variations in the weight of the catalyst CaO 0; 2.5; 5; 10 g. The highest oil quantity was obtained by adding 5 g of catalyst by 49.5% with the percentage of gas and coke was 50.33% and 0.66%, respectively.  in general, the results of GC-MS analysis show the content of liquid fuels in the form of hydrocarbons with carbon content in the C4-C12 and C13-C24 ranges which is predicted as fractions of gasoline and diesel.


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Alam, M. N., Charisma, C., & Suaedi, S. (2019). Pyrolysis of Polypropylene (PP) Into Liquid Fuel Using CaO Catalyst. International Conference on Natural and Social Sciences (ICONSS) Proceeding Series, 1(1), 68-73.