Design and Build 6-holes Brick Moulding Machine with Vibrator System

  • Edi Rande Padang Akademi Teknik Soroako
Keywords: brick, moulding, vibrators, efficiency


Brick molding equipment is a tool used to print brick that can produce 6 concrete block in one print so that the time needed to print brick is faster (efficient) and has a uniform density because in the manufacturing process is carried out vibration (Vibrator system). This brick molding tool consists of Frame Mold Slider, Mold, Motor Vibrator, Lock, Press, Lever press and mold lever. The working principle of this tool is that the mixture is put into the mold and then pressed to the chili sauce and the process is done. This research method is done in several stage, the design and manufacture stages, the testing and analysis stages and the finalization stage. The planning stage includes data collection, design, working drawings, and material supply. Then, the manufacturing stage includes the manufacture of mechanical components and other supporting components and the tests carried out include testing the suitability of engine performance, and the efficiency of the time required to print brick compared to the manual method. This brick molding tool has dimensions of 1000 x 1000 x 800 [mm], which can print 6 [pieces] concrete block in one printing process with a time of 3 [minutes] 55 [seconds]. Compared to the manual method, it was only able to print 1 [brick] in 1 printing process and was only able to print 12 [pieces] of brick in 40 [minutes]. So printing bricks with this tool requires less time and more results compared to the manual method.


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