Design and Construction of Lifting Machine (Forklift) Equipped with Atmega 2560 Microcontroller-Based Remote Control

  • Dani Setiawan Akademi Teknik Soroako
  • Abdul Tahir Akademi Teknik Soroako
Keywords: forklift, microcontroller, digital, revolution, energy


Today's industrial world has entered a new era called the Industrial Revolution 4.0. This 4th generation industrial era continues to be a topic of discussion in various industrial sectors in Indonesia. All industries are required to be capable of using digital technology in carrying out every operational activity. The use of intelligent machines and automation continues to be carried out in order to increase the productivity and performance of a company. The use of conventional machines is increasingly reduced and replaced with automatic machines with the intention that the industry can survive in the digital era as it is today. In various manufacturing industries, especially in logistics departments, warehousing departments and production workshops, lifting and moving machines that are operated by human, even activities that are carried out directly by hands which renders the work inefficient and far from work safety, are still normally found. This study aims to provide an alternative solution to the above problems by offering a design of lifting and moving machines. The results of the design were then built as a prototype. This research was completed in three stages: first, designing machine construction and identifying material requirements; second, building parts of the machine, assembling and programming the control system; and third, running tests. The prototype, which is powered by the sun through solar panels and stores the energy using batteries, works as intended with a maximum lift capacity of 50 kg. The test conducted shows that our forklift works as designed, i.e, it is capable of performing 3 types of motion namely moving (forward, backward), turning (left, right), fork tilting, and lifting.


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