Design and Manufacturing of a Water Bike to Pick Up Garbage on Matano Lake

  • Ichsan Ristiawan Akademi Teknik Soroako
  • Muhammad Naim Akademi Teknik Soroako
  • Andi Achmad Jumadil Akademi Teknik Soroako
Keywords: water bicycle, garbage, environmental cleanliness


Garbage is one of the main factors that greatly affects and causes a decrease in environmental quality, especially waste in the water area. Matano Lake in Soroako experienced this condition. The garbage in Matano consists of plastic, cans, cloth and some types of daily activities waste of peoples surround the lake that can pollute the cleanliness and health of lake water. Matano Lake is the water source used by residents of Soroako for processing drinking water, cooking, bath, wash, and other household needs. The shape of the banks of the matano lake varies, in the form of slopes, swamps, and steep cliffs, so that some sides can't be cleaned from the land. Based on these conditions, research is needed to facilitate the cleaning of lakes from waste. Research in the form of design of bicycles that can float and move above the water surface, and has a component to pick up and accommodate garbage from the lake. Stages of research consist of data collection, analysis, design, manufacture, and testing. The design phase includes calculation of construction safety, selection of standard components, drawing of construction and components details to be made. Tool manufacturing phase through metal machining and fabrication processes. Testing phase includes testing of buoyancy ability, motion speed, and load ability. The main components consist of transmission elements, frames, buoys, drive systems, movement direction control, hooks, and trash cans.


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