A Microcontroller-Based Automatic Coil Winding Machine for Electric Motor

  • Irdam Irdam Akademi Teknik Soroako
  • Ahyar Mansur Akademi Teknik Soroako
Keywords: coil winder, automatic system, microcontroller, optocoupler


This research aims to design and manufacture an automatic electric motor coil winding machine based on microcontroller for replacing the manual system. The main reasons are reducing the fault risk that could be made by the operator using manual machine, increasing efficiency of machine as well as productivity of work. Methodology of this research based on experimental research that consist of several stages i.e. planning, design and manufacture, trial and analysis, and finalization. Planning stage involves design draft, working drawing, and also tools and material preparation. Then, design and manufacture stage covers making of mechanic parts, electric and electronic circuit, and design of controller program. The testing was conducted on rolling speed test and accuracy test of coil winder.  This machine is driven by stepper motor, using keypad as entry data number of windings, LCD to show the progress of coil winder and opto-coupler as a counter of windings. Data obtained from the test shows that the level of accuracy of rpm control is about 99%, average time to roll up a winding is 0,58 second, speed of coil winder is 1,72 windings/second.


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